27 september 2016

Jopen Adriaan Wit named world’s best

Haarlem, September 27, 2016 – Friday, September 23, 2016 The World Best Beers 2016 were announced. Jopen Adriaan Wit was named ‘World’s Best Belgian Style Witbier’. This brings the total number of World Beer Awards 2016 won by craft brewery Jopen to five.

Jopen Adriaan Wit received the title ‘World’s Best Belgian Style Witbier’ at the World Beer Awards 2016.

Judging panel
Jopen Adriaan Wit (5%) is brewed with barley, wheat and oats and has a fresh taste with many fruity tones from the coriander seeds and the Curacaopeels. The jury was very impressed by the quality of Jopen Adriaan Wit. “Good musky look, nice fruity, spicy and inviting nose. Holds all flavours you would expect. Exemplary beer!”

Country Winners
Thursday, August 11, 2016 the Country Winners of the World Beer Awards 2016 were announced in London. Jopen Koyt, a heavy gruit beer, has been awarded ‘Country’s Best’: the best ‘Flavoured Beer’ from the Netherlands. Craft brewery Jopen also received 3 gold medals. Jopen Hoppenbier/Haarlem 1501 gained a gold medal in the category ‘Pale Beer – Belgian-style Blonde’, Jopen Johannieter was awarded a gold medal in the ‘Dark Beer – Belgian Style Strong’ and Jopen Frans Hals finished first in the category ‘Pale Beer-Saison’.

Prestigious beer competition
The World Beer Awards are the global awards selecting the very best internationally recognised beer styles. The prestigious beer competition is organized every year. An international and highly respected judging panel jury tasted and voted the beers.

About Jopen
Jopen passionately produces a number of historic recipes and modern classics combining age-old recipes with playful craftiness. Distinctive, authentic and full of flavor. Craft brewery Jopen has restored the six-century-old Haarlem brewing tradition. Jopen expanded rapidly these last years, with 3 locations to serve you. Jopen Beer is no longer only available in the Netherlands, people drink Jopen Beer well beyond the borders. Jopen, from local craft beer to world-class craft beer.

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