5 december 2018

Fierce bezoek uit Schotland!

Op vrijdag 7 december komt Fierce Beer op bezoek bij Jopen. Wij brouwen die dag een collaboration brew en vanaf 17.00 uur start de borrel in de Jopenkerk Haarlem. Iedereen is van harte welkom aan te sluiten bij de borrel en kennis te maken met Do Bongers van de brouwerij uit Schotland.

Do neemt twee bieren mee van Fierce Beer. Wil je meer weten over welk bier we samen gaan brouwen en waar Fierce Beer voor staat? Lees het in het interview met Do Bongers!

Datum Meet the Brewer: vrijdag 7 december
Locatie: Café, Jopenkerk Haarlem
Toegang: gratis
Meer info vind je hier!


Do, why did you become a brewer?
“I was always interested in ways to create new food recipes and making extracts of flavors to use in dishes. I loved cooking and loved craft beer. At a local bar we had this list of 40 craft beers you needed to drink to fulfill the list and make honor member of craftbeer drinkers. When a job opened up at a local brewery, the whole world sort of stopped. I knew what I wanted to do. Luckily, I got the job and loved it ever since.”

How would you describe your brewery’s identity and your position in the market?
“This year we won 4 times gold and 1 silver at the Scottish beer awards, that must mean we are doing something right. Within two years we more than doubled our full time staff, we started with one unit, which are now three units. We believe hard work pays off, and so far it always did.”

What’s unique about your beer?
“At Fierce we are known for going that extra step, we try to work with uncommon flavors and give people a new perspective of how craft beer can taste like.”

What are some of your favorite ingredients to brew with and why?
“Personally, I love simple maltbills, gentle bitterhops and a twist of flavor in the end. Normally that twist is fruit. At Fierce, I love using our hoprocket, which we fill up with high quality raspberry juice. With the hoprocket we can fire 200L of fresh juice into a beer without any risk oxygen intake. That makes me very happy.”

What do you love about collabs?
“Collabs are about so much more than making a beer together, it is about supporting each others breweries and the ‘craft revolution’. Brewing is hard work but satisfying, and traveling around to see how other breweries work keeps me motivated to always find a way to brew better beer.”

What motivates you to brew with us?
“Friendship, and drinking Meesterstuk. Before I started brewing I loved Jopen beers, and owners Michel and Lydian always have been supportive and helpful. Their brewhouse is impressive and their beers are clean and crisp. They know how to make beer, so when I’m there I try to sneak into their lab and discover some Jopen secrets.”

What are you brewing with us?
“We are doing a 7% Black IPA, which will keep us warm and happy during the cold months. We are throwing Yuzu peel and Tangerine peel in the whirlpool, which will give it a nice citrus kick, combined with roasted barley and Mandarina Bavaria hops I believe this one is going to be a winner.”

Which brewery do you also like to cooperate with?
“There is a long list of breweries I want to work with, we can split them up in continents. I’d like to do a USA tour, UK Tour and EU tour. I’d stick to The Netherlands right now, so I’ve never seen Brouwerij Kees his set up in Middelburg, and I’m always up to work with Van Moll, Oedipus and of course, go back home and make a beer with Oersoep.”

If there is a beer (style) that you could brew with no regards to cost, production or sales, what would it be and why?
“Meadbeer! I’d love to use raw honey in my maltbill as a 1:1 ratio with malt.
It is a style that you never see anywhere because good quality honey is one of most expensive ingredients to brew with. Right now I make some small batches at home, they taste amazing.”

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