Jopen Johannieter

Beautifully crafted by monks

Strong double bock, 9%

Jopen Johannieter is a dark brown, strong double bock brewed with an ample dose of roasted wheat malt. This roasted wheat is what gives the beer its colour and a fruitiness that is reminiscent of wheat beer.

The name of this beer comes from the Johannieterklooster (monastery) that used to be located in the heart of Haarlem. Here, monks brewed beer for their guests and for their own consumption. Today, the buildings accommodate the Noord-Hollands Archief (North Holland Archive), where the old Haarlem brewer’s statutes are stored. Taste the work of monks.

Delicious with duck and venison

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Drinking temperature

Drinking temperature 8-10 ° Celsius

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ABV 9%
Hops used Hallertau Mittelfrüh
Bitterness 25 EBU
Plato value 20 ° Plato

Jopen Johannieter


Caramel, liquorice, coffee, ripe summer fruits, raisins, preserved fruit and prunes.


Full-bodied flavour of toast, chocolate, caramel, raisins and summer fruits.


Coffee and chocolate.


Flavour associations

In tasting the flavors associated with Jopen Johannieter:

The beer is dark brown with full tinted foam, CO2 level is very good. In the aroma nice tones of caramel and coffee. The taste is light bitter and refers to the coffee aroma, but also hints of pure chocolate and some dark fruits. The finish is very intense with a longish complex taste which is quiet bitter. A very good Bock from Holland, one of the best I’ve tasted so far.

Food combos

Beer is a much better meal accompaniment than many people think.
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Jopen Johannieter has received numerous national and international trade jury and public awards.
A summary:


Europes best Gold World Beer Award


Tweede plek Dubbelbok PINT Bokbierfestival


Brussels Beer Challenge 2015 – Certificate of Excellence


World Beer Awards 2016 – Goud


World Beer Awards 2017 – Country Winner


Het Lekkerste Zware Bockbier van Nederland 2017


Brussels Beer Challenge 2017 – Gold


Dutch Beer Challenge 2018 – Bronze

Europes best Gold World Beer AwardTweede plek Dubbelbok PINT BokbierfestivalBrussels Beer Challenge 2015 – Certificate of ExcellenceWorld Beer Awards 2016 – GoudWorld Beer Awards 2017 – Country WinnerHet Lekkerste Zware Bockbier van Nederland 2017Brussels Beer Challenge 2017 – GoldDutch Beer Challenge 2018 – Bronze
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