Jopen Hoppenbier

Double hopped, doubly recommended

Crisp and bitter golden beer, 6,8%

Jopen Hoppenbier (hops beer) is the only triple-grain double-hopped beer in the world. A crisp beer with a malty foretaste and a lingering, bitter finish.

This golden beer is a precise reproduction of a Haarlem beer and is brewed according to the brewer’s statute (recipe regulated by the council) of 1501. An absolute classic.

Delicious with poultry & veal

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Drinking temperature

Drinking temperature 7-9 ° Celsius

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Colour Blond
ABV 6,8%
Hops used Hallertau
Bitterness 40 EBU
Plato value 16 ° Plato

Jopen Hoppenbier


Smooth fresh fragrance with mild fruit aromas and spicy bay leaf tones.


Crispy bitter and smooth flavour. Mildly spicy clove and bay leaf tone. Hops clearly present, though it does not overwhelm.


Pleasant bitterness that lasts: a lingering bitter finish. Ideal for speciality beer enthusiasts.


Flavour associations

In tasting the flavors associated with Jopen Hoppenbier:

Good head. Full tinted and yellow in colour. Strong pineapple fragrance. Very smooth and creamy (due to the oats?). Starts off as spicy and sweet, then becomes fruity and strong. Lingering, persistent, dry finish with rich flavour. A good aperitif.

Michael Jackson
The English ‘Beerhunter’

Food combos

Beer is a much better meal accompaniment than many people think.
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Jopen Hoppenbier has received numerous national and international trade jury and public awards.
A summary:


Gold European Beer Star


Australian International Beer Awards Bronze


World Beer Awards 2015 – Bronze Belgian Style Blond Ale


Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016 – Bronze


World Beer Awards 2016 – Goud


Nordic Beer Challenge – Silver

Gold European Beer StarAustralian International Beer Awards BronzeWorld Beer Awards 2015 – Bronze Belgian Style Blond AleDublin Craft Beer Cup 2016 – BronzeWorld Beer Awards 2016 – GoudNordic Beer Challenge – Silver
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