Houten Haarlemmer


New American oak has been added to this heavy stout during the lagering (maturation) process. As a result, the beer has hints of vanilla and cognac in addition to usual stout flavour such as coffee, bay liquorice and chocolate. It also especially makes the beer smoother and richer in taste.


It is named after a nickname bestowed upon residents of Haarlem. In years gone by, they were considered insignificant and were also called Houten Haarlemmers. This was because they were known to be hard workers who had no time for fun. How times have changed.

Variety: White-Oaked Russian Imperial Stout
Colour: Black
ABV: 9%
Flavour: Coffee, bay leaf, chocolate, vanilla and cognac
Bitterness: 80 EBU
Food combo: Strong cheeses, oysters and sweet desserts

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