9 januari 2019

Blue Ridge cowboys @Jopenkerk Haarlem

Olde Hickory Brewery brouwt op vrijdag 11 januari bij ons in de Jopenkerk. Deze craft bierbrouwer is net als Jopen in 1994 gestart! Zij brouwen aan de voet van de Blue Ridge Mountains in Hickory, North Carolina. We sluiten deze brouwdag natuurlijk af met een Meet the Brewer borrel. Sluit om 17.00 uur aan om twee heerlijke bieren van deze Blue Ridge cowboys te proeven. Ze staan nu al te popelen om al jouw brouwvragen te beantwoorden!

Datum Meet the Brewer: vrijdag 11 januari
Locatie: Café, Jopenkerk Haarlem
Toegang: Gratis
Meer info over Meet the Brewer vind je hier! Wil je meer weten over de bieren en waar de brouwerij voor staat? Lees het in het interview hieronder!

Olde Hickory Brewery is gestart met een omgebouwd zuivelsysteem waar ze, met dank aan hun heerlijke bieren, al snel uitgegroeid zijn. Hun doel: het brouwen van unieke traditionele ales & lagers. Wij vroegen brouwmeester en oprichter van Olde Hickory Brewery, Steven Lyerly, hoe hij het allemaal geflikt heeft.

Why did you become a brewer?
“I love beer! I took up home brewing in college. Once I realized I would not be making a living as an anthropologist, I turned my attention back to making beer.”

How would you describe your brewery’s identity and your position in the market?
“We are well known for the quality of the beers we make, and we make a broad spectrum of beers. As we have 3 restaurants, we offer a nice selection of session beers ranging from Pilsner and Vienna Lager to Hefe-Weizen, Stout and IPA.  These are our work horse beers and make for most of our volume. Outside of Hickory, we are best known for our Barrel aged beers like The Event Horizon and Lindley Park along with our Barley Wine, Irish Walker.”

What’s unique about your beers?
“For our core brands we stay pretty true to classic styles; including juggling multiple yeasts. Our barrel aged beers are unique for the time we age them. We typically age 10-14 months in barrels. Some of our very special beers are aged much longer, some up to seven years.”

What are some of your favorite ingredients to brew with and why?
“Honey. We use honey in almost all of our signature Imperial Stouts. The honey we use is raw and comes from a local bee keeper. I like the acidity and tangy notes that shine through from the roasted malts. I think it gives a nice layer on complexity.”

What do you love about collabs?
“I like working with other brewers. I  find that I can always learn something, and share something I know. It is one of the joys of the craft beer industry; the willingness to share and learn.”

What motivates you to brew with Jopen?
“Following the last answer, I’m very eager to work with a brewer from another country. I think I will see many new things ranging from equipment and methods to ingredients. I also feel that Jopen and Olde Hickory share many styles.”

Which brewery do you also like to cooperate with?
“We were one of the first brewers in the US and the first in North Carolina to do a collaboration beer, and we did that 10 years ago with two other brewers, Duck-Rabbit and Foothills. We made a beer called “Olde Rabbit’s Foot”. We did that beer for 4 years, 2009-2012. In 2017 we made it again just to show the youngsters the old guys could still rock! Olde Hickory celebrates 25 years now, Duck-Rabbit is approaching 20 years and Foothills 12 years. At the time of our original collaboration there were maybe 25 brewers in North Carolina. Today we have over 300.”

If there is a beer (style) that you could brew with no regards to cost, production or sales, what would it be and why?
“I would have to say Barley-Wine. I love barley wines, I love the rich complexity from the higher alcohols and the nice sherry notes from one well aged and oxidized.”

Op vrijdag 11 januari mogen wij Auxo en Irish Walker proeven van Olde Hickory Brewery! Auxo is een India Pale Lager van 6,25% met bittere hoppige smaken. Irish Walker is een Barley-Wine Style Ale van 10%. Je proeft mouten en veel fruitige hoppen.


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