Piet Honingh Genever Barrel Aged – Gospel Spirits by Jopen

Gospel Spirits, 40,0% - 70cl fles


On the nose fresh tones of pine and citrus. A fresh hint of orange followed by spicy tones of caraway. A powerful, bold genever of 41% with a soft and smooth aftertaste.

Piet Honingh Genever distinguishes itself from other genevers by using 100% maltwine based on Jopen beer. It’s distilled in the 250L copper distilling pots of Jopenkerk Hoofddorp. During the distilling process the following botanicals and fruits are used: eucalyptus,caraway seed, juniper berry, orange, angelica root, elderflower andcoriander seed.


Piet Honingh Genever is born from our passion for genever and beer. As a little boy, Michel Ordeman, managing director of Jopen, always saw a bottle of genever standing next to the chair of his grandfather at parties and family gatherings. Within the Honingh family, this drink was always served in a 5cl laboratory beaker. Michel’s grandfather, Piet Honingh, was the head of the glass warehouse of Shell. When incidentally a large amount of glassware had to be destroyed, it was divided amongst the family. Eventually all family members had these beakers in their cabinets that were used as a genever glass.

Perfect Serve

Drink the genever as it’s meant to be: at room temperature in
a tulip glass served with a tasty glass of craft beer on the side. We recommend the following combinations: Jopen Jacobus RPA, Trinitas Tripel and Hoppenbier.

Gospel Spirits by Jopen

The Latin words ‘Veritatum Evangelii’, literally meaning ‘good news’, proudly emblazon the label of Gospel Spirits. The name ‘Gospel’ refers to our home, the oldest church in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. This white monumental church in Hoofddorp houses our distillery, grand cafe and restaurant. Gospel Spirits uses authentic recipes combined with pure and modern ingredients. Every drop of liquid is professionally produced in the polder’s oldest church. All Gospel Spirits are produced in small batches toguarantee the finest quality.

Hoog Gisting
40,0 % Alcohol
Drinktemperatuur 20 °C

Smaak beschrijving

Kleur Helder
Geur Mandarijn, karamel en eikenhout te herkennen.
Smaak Een kruidige, gelagerde jenever met smaken van sinaasappel, karwijzaad en zoethout.
Afdronk Zachte afdronk


Jopen Piet Honingh Genever Barrel Aged – Gospel Spirits by Jopen is regelmatig bekroond door nationale en internationale vakjury's en publieksprijzen.



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