The brewing process

The brewing process

A great example of craftsmanship

Before you enjoy a delicious Jopen beer, it has to pass through various stages. Every step of the brewing process contributes to the unique character of Jopen beer. We brew our beer in copper kettles with care, passion and expertise. Jopen combines the craftsmanship of yesteryear with today’s modern technology.

Step 1 Malting

Malt is the foundation of the brewing process. The malt is germinated and dried.

Step 2 Milling

In the brewery, the malt is milled into a substance that we call grist.

Step 3 Mashing

The grist is mixed with water to create a pulp. This is also called mash. By heating the mash, the starch is converted into natural sugars.

Step 4 Lautering

The next step is called lautering. The mash is filtered and a clear liquid called wort is extracted.

Step 5 Boiling

After the lautering process, the wort is boiled in copper kettles. During this boiling process, we add hops and/or herbs.

Step 5 Cooling

The wort is rapidly cooled down.

Step 7 Fermentation

Yeast is added to the cooled wort. Sugars are converted into alcohol, carbon dioxide and flavours. The fermentation process lasts about a week.

Step 8 Lagering

We allow the ‘young’ beer to mature for a number of weeks in lagering tanks. After the lagering process, the beer is re-filtered. This gives it the desired clarity.

Step 9 Packaging

The beer is finally ready to be dispensed into bottles or barrels and be enjoyed by beer enthusiasts. This is a fully-automated process that takes place at our bottling facility in the Waarderpolder industrial park.

The traditional process is now complete. The beer has been brewed, so time now to enjoy Jopen!

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