Meesterstuk (Masterpiece)


This beer is brewed in honour of St Martin, the patron saint of the Haarlem brewer’s guild. During the Middle Ages, craftsmen were required to create a masterpiece to prove their skill. In Haarlem, the most prominent guild was the brewer’s guild, called the St Martin’s guild. This beer is brewed annually as a limited edition and the recipe is different every year.


Jopen Meesterstuk 2012 is a Russian Imperial Stout containing 10% alcohol by volume. Meesterstuk has been brewed with various barley malts and roasted rye malt and has a strong, full-bodied flavour. The roasted malt gives it a toasted character that is reminiscent of coffee and chocolate, while the American hops varieties give the beer its fruity character. Its high ABV and secondary bottle fermentation makes it a beer that can ideally be preserved so that the flavours can continue to develop.

Variety: Russian Imperial Stout
Colour: Black
ABV: 10%
Flavour: Full-bodied and strong, roasted and burnt flavours of coffee and chocolate.
Food combo: Chocolate dessert


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