Jopen Malle Babbe

A beer to enjoy

Weizen (wheat beer), but different, 5,5%

There is nothing better than a chilled wheat beer on a summer’s day. Banana aromas make amber-coloured Jopen Malle Babbe a crisp wheat beer. A whirlpool of Saphyr hops gives it extra-fruity citrus tones.

The name of this summer’s beer comes from a painting by Frans Hals of a lady with an appetite for beer. She later became the subject of a song performed by Rob de Nijs. This beer makes the drinker yearn for more.

Delicious with oysters and blue cheese

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Drinking temperature

Drinking temperature 5.5 ° Celsius

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ABV 5,5%
Hops used Saphyr
Bitterness 12 EBU
Plato value 12,5 ° Plato

Jopen Malle Babbe


Citrus fruit, cloves, bay leaves and banana.


Fruity and mildly acidic flavours with a slightly bitter finish.


Citrus fruit and banana meringues.


Flavour associations

In tasting the flavors associated with Jopen Malle Babbe:

Man, on the Dutch side we have quite the peculiar dark wheat beer. The Jopen brewery’s Malle Babbe is one fruity sweet concoction. Banana and touches of sweetened citrus, maybe even some berries to run on the palate. Some subtle malts and a notably sour, perhaps even pungent closing argument come in with the finish to finish a considerably refreshing brew.

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Jopen Malle Babbe has received numerous national and international trade jury and public awards.
A summary:


World Beer Awards 2015 – Bronze Bavarian Hefeweiss

World Beer Awards 2015 – Bronze Bavarian Hefeweiss
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