Jopen Koyt

Powerful blend of herbs

Strong gruit beer, 8,5%

Jopen Koyt is brewed with gruit, a medieval blend of herbs in which sweet gale picked according to ritual was essential. Legend has it that, to avoid its hallucinogenic properties, sweet gale could only be picked at full moon by nude witches.

The spicy flavour is highly complex and smooth. This reddish-brown beer is a reproduction of a Haarlem beer and is brewed according to the brewer’s statute (recipe regulated by the council) of 1407. Deliciously risky.

Delicious with mussels and sheep’s cheese

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Drinking temperature

Drinking temperature 8-10 ° Celsius

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Colour Reddish-brown
ABV 8,5%
Hops used Gruit herb blend
Bitterness 18 EBU
Plato value 21 ° Plato

Jopen Koyt


Spicy eucalyptus and menthol fragrances along with summer fruit and caramel aromas.


Full-bodied warming flavour with smooth, sweet malty tones at the finish, switching to spicy liquorice and bay leaf tones.


Spicy finish with bay liquorice and resin tones.


Flavour associations

In tasting the flavors associated with Jopen Koyt:

Dark brown in colour. Medicinal aroma and a treacle-like density. Powerful flavours with (cough) syrup and sweet Olorosso sherry aromas. Develops a citrus peel fragrance, a certain scent (violets?) and an almond flavour. Greatly stimulates the sense of taste!

Michael Jackson
The English ‘Beerhunter’

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Jopen Koyt has received numerous national and international trade jury and public awards.
A summary:


Gold European Beer Star


Silver European Beer Star


World Beer Awards 2015 – Netherlands Best Herb & Spice Flavoured Beer


World Beer Awards 2016 – Country’s Best


Dutch Beer Challenge 2016 – Gold


World Beer Awards 2018 – Gold

Gold European Beer StarSilver European Beer StarWorld Beer Awards 2015 – Netherlands Best Herb & Spice Flavoured BeerWorld Beer Awards 2016 – Country’s BestDutch Beer Challenge 2016 – GoldWorld Beer Awards 2018 – Gold
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