Jopen Doubting Thomas

Tasting is believing

The result of adding American hops to a quadrupel, 10%

Jopen Doubting Thomas (aka Ongelovige Thomas) is our interpretation of a quadrupel. A distinct beer with rich malt as the main flavour. The American hops gives it a fruity character.

This beer is named after the apostle Thomas, who would not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. Thomas has his name-day at the start of winter on 21 December. This reddish-brown beer is a genuine winter warmer. Surprisingly rich in flavour and ideal for sipping beside the fireplace. Believe it or not, this is a heavyweight.

Delicious with stews and game

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Drinking temperature

Drinking temperature 8-10 ° Celsius

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ABV 10%
Hops used Cascade, Cisra, Aimcoe
Bitterness 40 EBU
Plato value 22,5 ° Plato

Jopen Doubting Thomas


Caramel, bread, chocolate biscuits, blackberries, cherries, lychees and citrus.


Warming smooth flavour of caramel and toffee with berry fruitiness.


Blackberries, citrus and toast.


Flavour associations

In tasting the flavors associated with Jopen Doubting Thomas:

Pours a brown colour with a light brown head and some flakes of yeast. The aroma is sweet, hints of caramel and plums. The taste is sweet and reminds of candy and dark fruit, then of alcohol and some hops. Nice lingering finish. Great brew!

Henk Jan Wiegers

Food combos

Beer is a much better meal accompaniment than many people think.
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Jopen Doubting Thomas has received numerous national and international trade jury and public awards.
A summary:


Europe’s Best Strong Dark Ale


Dutch Beer Challenge Gold


World Beer Awards 2015 – Europe’s Best Strong Dark Beer


Brussels Beer Challenge 2015 – Bronze


Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016 – Silver


European Beer Star 2016 – Bronze


World Beer Awards 2017 – Gold


Brussels Beer Challenge 2017 – Silver


World Beer Awards 2018 – Country Winner

Europe’s Best Strong Dark AleDutch Beer Challenge GoldWorld Beer Awards 2015 – Europe’s Best Strong Dark BeerBrussels Beer Challenge 2015 – BronzeDublin Craft Beer Cup 2016 – SilverEuropean Beer Star 2016 – BronzeWorld Beer Awards 2017 – GoldBrussels Beer Challenge 2017 – SilverWorld Beer Awards 2018 – Country Winner
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