Jopen Damiate DRIPA

The name Damiate is derived from the role played by Haarlem citizens in the 5th Crusade to the Holy Land. On their way, crusaders from Haarlem helped conquer the city of Damietta (by sailing their fleet through a chain blocking the harbour). As a token of appreciation, Haarlem received a sword and cross on its coat of arms. The bells that announced the closure of the Haarlem city gates are also called ‘Damiaatjes’.

Jopen Damiate DRIPA is a double IPA – double the alcohol and double the bitterness.

Version: Double Rye India Pale Ale
Colour: Amber
ABV: 8,5%
Flavour: Plenty of hops bitterness, hops aroma and hops flavour. The rye gives the beer a hint of dry spiciness, similar to that of Jacobus RPA.
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