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Jopen Northsea IPA

Appetising ship’s beer

The Dutch response to American IPA’s, 6,5%

Jopen Northsea IPA (aka Mooie Nel) is an IPA containing plenty of American hops, which creates bitterness with lots of fruity tones. Back when long journeys by sea were the norm, IPA was brewed to be extra-strong, and extra hops was added so that it could be drunk in the colonies. In the 17th century The Netherlands produced its own version of IPA, or ‘duraebel scheepsbier (long-life ship’s beer)’, for the Dutch East Indies. IPA has returned to Europe thanks to the American Craft Revolution. It is the fastest growing style of beer in the USA. Jopen Northsea IPA is our Dutch take on the modern IPA; Every swig of this beer is a pleasure.

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History of Jopen


Jopen’s history goes back to 1407, when the recipe for Jopen Adriaan was first registered by the Haarlem Guild of Brewers.

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